General Health
Ellen is a lifetime member of Weight Watchers
Dr. Joseph Mercola provides research and alternative health news from a variety of sources.
Neuromuscular Massage Therapy. Focused, effective therapy while you keep on comfortable clothes. Providing therapy since 1989.
                                        Digital Health/Breast Scans
Thermography uses digital infrared thermal imaging to detect and record the infrared heat radiating from the body. Breast thermography has the ability to warn women years before any other procedure that a cancer may be forming.

Boutique gym inside loop 610, on W. Gray near Dunlavy
Exercise equipment store, located at 3618 S. Shepherd (at Richmond Ave.)
Running Coach Tim Neckar - One to One Running Training
The Houston Marathon
5K training program - from walkers to advanced runners

The Lex Valk Trio - easy jazz for your next party!
Danny Crowley, PGA Golf instructor at Memorial Park

Carl Lewis web site